Strategies to Take Control of Your Financial Future


The biggest decision we make

A mortgage is the most important financial decision (and usually the biggest) that most Americans will ever make.  The type of mortgage you choose will have a direct impact on when you can retire and with how much.  Whether you are contemplating buying your first house, a seasoned real estate investor or a financial professional, this mortgage book will provide you with knowledge that you can start to use right away.  But don’t take my word for it, review the endorsements and see what others have said.

Who is the book written for


  • People who have a mortgage and feel they need to refinance
  • People who have a mortgage and might move, necessitating a new mortgage
  • People who have a mortgage and might buy a vacation home in the future, necessitating a mortgage
  • People who don’t own a home and hope to buy one some day
  • People who have a mortgage and are not sure whether they should refinance
  • People who want to learn more about how to manage their mortgage and their finances in general
  • Financial advisors wanting to learn more and offer this as a resource to their clients
  • Realtors that want to better understand financing as well as to provide a copy to their clients as a resource
  • Loan officers looking to grow their advisory role
  • Divorce attorneys and their clients who want to better understand a mortgage and their finances
  • People who need mortgage advice or have mortgage questions

What is the book about?

Take control of your financial future

The main theme of the book is to educate the reader about the best way to get a mortgage and what questions to ask the mortgage person you are dealing with.  In fact many mortgage companies, accountants and financial planners are using Mortgages: What You Need to Know to better educate their professional staff so they can offer more value to their clients.  We do not advocate following what the mass media and big banks preach or the latest trend.  Every individual has their own unique situation and your mortgage plan must be tied to both your short and long term financial goals.  This book will teach you how to prepare to get a better mortgage; how to choose the right mortgage for you; the importance of an annual mortgage review to ensure you are optimizing your cash flow; and how to protect yourself against identity theft.  We hope you find the information you are looking for.  Take control of your financial future and Make Life Happen!

Mortgage Advice

The ultimate mortgage book

Do you have a mortgage question and are you looking for mortgage advice but you are not sure where to turn for unbiased answers.  Look no further because the ultimate mortgage book is here.  Mortgages: What You Need to Know, Strategies to Take Control of Your Financial Future answers most of your mortgage questions.  It covers the different types of mortgages, understanding adjustable rate mortgages, how an amortization schedule works for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage and it provides questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine which mortgage is right for you?  The last chapter even covers how to find a good mortgage planner in your neighborhood and what questions you should ask this person to ensure they have your best interests at heart.

Financial literacy is a big issue and this book will provide you with everything you need to know about mortgages so you can make smarter decisions for your future.  The main theme of this mortgage book is to educate and empower the individual to take control of their financial future by slowing down to understand the mortgage process and how a mortgage affects short term cash flow while being mindful of long term retirement goals.  After all, the type of mortgage you choose will directly impact your ability to save for retirement.